The Holiday Snack Bar was originated by 2 sisters in 1948.  Back then it was an all female team hired from the local culinary schools.  It was not uncommon for the girls to take up residence in what's now the "meat press" room on bunk beds.  Many can recall that during this time, the HSB was closed on Tuesdays, and sometimes we still get questioned if that is the case.  It surely is not!  
It then was bought by the Whiting family in the 1960s who owned and operated it for nearly 30 years.  
The next owners, the Buzbys continued to operate the HSB for another 7 years.  
Then that comes to us, the Warfields, Glenn, Amy and our kids, Cameron and Justin who you may see running around inside the bar, outside around the building, or handing you a menu, napkin, water, etc.  We bought the HSB in 2000 till the present.  The HSB has brought us countless wonderful memories and many new friends!